Revitalise your Mind, Body and Soul Wairakei - a Long History of Healing.

Experience the very cornerstone of Maori custom and culture......

As our guests(Manuhiri), you are greeted at the visitor centre and briefed on the evenings activities. Then you move toward the Marae-a-tea (courtyard) to stand quietly and respectfully at the gateway, slightly apprehensive, but excited to be here……

Your elected Rangatira (leader) stands brave at the vanguard of the party, while across the centre grounds your hosts (Tangata Whenua) who are dressed in their traditional costumes, wait patiently to welcome you……

Suddenly the silence is broken with a spine chilling cry.........

Kia Hiwa Ra!! Kia Hiwa Ra!!

Even the bravest feel shivers down the spine, this is the fierce Wero (challenge) that visitors were told to expect. It is unlike anything ever experienced before, primal and disturbing, obviously designed to induce fear and question the intentions of the approaching visitor……

A single warrior breaks ranks and dances forward in clearly orchestrated movements of provocation and challenge, uttering fearsome cries of defiance directed at the leader. With flashing eyes and contorted facial features the warrior draws ever closer, dancing and posturing while always maintaining eye contact until his thrusting and parrying Taiaha (highly carved wooden staff) comes within centimetres of the leader……

Quite suddenly he retreats a short distance bends down and places a token (Taki) on the ground, and gestures for it to be accepted - our Rangatira picks it up - the challenge accepted - the warrior signals an invitation for visitors to enter the Marae……

As people are recovering from the challenge of the Wero, a female voice rings out across the distance between the two peoples……

Haere Mai, Nga Manuhiri Tuarangi e…… welcome to you visitors from afar……

So begins a journey into the unique and mysterious world of the Maori people. The Marae is central to Maori culture, heritage, lifestyle, customs and ritual. In the short time visitors are with the Tangata Whenua, they are welcomed and embraced, have the chance to stand and speak on their Marae during the time of Whaikorero (formal speech), press noses in the sacred and traditional Hongi - the Maori way of greeting which reinforces the uniting of visitor and host in friendship and welcome.

The customary protocols now completed visitors will be guided through the geothermal and Maori cultural walkway and your guides will tell the stories and history of New Zealand and Ngati Tuwharetoa, and explanations will be given on the various art forms featured in the Maori village.

Then you make your way to the Whare Kai (dining room) where a meal that has been cooked in a traditional ground oven (Hangi), awaits you. And when you think you have seen and experienced something special, the evening is brought is to a dramatic climax with a spectacular performance of Song, Dance and Haka, a unique and emotional experience that will not easily be forgotten. This experience is intense, powerful and emotional and will leave you with lasting memories of a culture that is alive and growing.


Visitors arrive at Wairakei Terraces They are greeted by our Guide who will remain with them throughout the evening Visitors check in at reception, make payments/hand in vouchers/charge backs etc


Visitors are given a briefing from Guide
A leader (Rangatira) is selected to head the group A short song is rehearsed to support the group leader Visitors then move toward the Marae gateway The Challenge (Wero) and Welcome (Powhiri)commences
Duration:- approx 20 Minutes


Commence guided tour of the Wairakei Terraces and Maori village, featuring carvers, weavers, tattooists and musiciansdemonstrating traditional Maori art and music Duration:- approx 40 Minutes


Arrive at the NETCOR venue for a traditional ground cooked meal (Hangi) and a 40 minute concert of song, dance, haka and visitor interaction Duration:- approx 2 Hours


Approximate departure from Wairakei Terraces


30 Minutes of the tour is conducted outside Comfortable walking shoes are recommended, and warm clothing during Winter periods


We have a licensed bar available

$110.00 Per Adult; $55.00 Per Child (5yrs - 12yrs)

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