Revitalise your Mind, Body and Soul Wairakei - a Long History of Healing.

Hot Thermal Pools…… geysers, hot pools, boiling springs, mud craters and mud baths with peculiar healing properties…

Quotation; Wairakei the Wonderful, published in 1919

Significant natural thermal springs; mud and silica waters found in geothermal areas have been used for hundreds of years by Maori for healing and wellness. Specific sites were often located in beautiful landscapes, at the junction of rivers and streams, on the shores of pristine lakes and below magnificent silica terraces.

At Wairakei Terraces, pools of varying temperatures between have been strategically positioned below the silica terraces and waterfall, taking full advantage of the geothermal water flow that is drawn to the earth’s surface from 1.5 kilometres underground.

These mineral enriched pools, soft and silky to the touch and striking blue in colour, provide the perfect setting for complete rest and relaxation.

With the reinstatement of the ‘Te Kiri o Hinekai’ stream in 2002, many native birds have been attracted back to the area, their calls and songs are melodious to the human earand are in harmony with this natural setting of cascading and flowing water, gushing geyser and billowing steam.

Pools Adults only (14 years and over) - $25.00 each

Proof of Age

If staff deem a person to be under the age of 14, entry will not be permitted to the pools and pool area.
To avoid disappointment, we advise you to provide ‘proof of age’ (passport, birth certificate, student ID)

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